The Odd Sock Series

oss jpgWhat is the Odd Sock Series?
The Odd Sock Series is my attempt to give your odd socks a new life.  I wear my odd socks however I am aware that most people in the world don’t do this – so instead of throwing out your odd socks:  USE THEM!

How can I use them?
Well I’m glad you asked.  You have come to the right place.  On Giggles and Chatterbox-ing I intend to show you what the humble odd sock can be transformed into.  I will collate the links on this page so it’s easier for you all to find the posts – cause I’m nice like that!  Some of the uses I will have for you will involve cleaning, dog and cat toys, and craft projects (such as mittens and very ambitiously, a quilt!)

You can view all projects in The Odd Sock Series on my Pinterest board –

mittens3Odd Sock Mittens
Hands cold?  Have your gloves but want your fingers free to type?  Can’t find your gloves or mittens?  Never fear because I bring you Odd Sock Mittens – and I promise you they are so quick and easy you can make a pair and your hands will be warming up in minutes!

before afterWashing the car with Odd Socks
It’s a sunny day, the car is dirty, you have some free time to wash it – then you realise you don’t have a sponge to use.  What do you do?  Well – you know those odd socks you have?  Did you realise that they make excellent ‘sponges’ to clean the car?


Weighted lap mat
Children with Autism often benefit from weighted products.  In this post it’s odd socks to the rescue as I extend Chatterbox’s weighted lap mat with their help.

odd socks wine bottle 3Wine Bottle Vase
Grumpy found this bottle of wine at our local bottle shop and had to buy it!  He had to buy it – I had to find something to do with it for my Odd Sock Series!  Thus I present…  ‘The odd Sock Wine bottle vase decorated with an odd sock’ – or ‘wine bottle vase’ for short!



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