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Weighted Lap Mat {Odd Sock Series}

Chatterbox’s OT made her a weighted blanket for her bed and a weighted lap mat for school.  The only problem was that when Chatterbox sat with her legs crossed the lap mat wasn’t quite long enough to go over her … Continue reading

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Washing the car with odd socks {The Odd Sock Series}

It’s a sunny day, the car is dirty, you have some free time to wash it – then you realise you don’t have a sponge to use.  What do you do?  Well – you know those odd socks you have? … Continue reading

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Odd Sock Mittens {The Odd Sock Series}

Hands cold?  Have your gloves but want your fingers free to type?  Can’t find your gloves or mittens?  Never fear!  Odd Socks Mummy is here with my Odd Sock Series. Today I bring you Odd Sock Mittens – and I … Continue reading

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Odd Sock Series

Since starting this blog I have been asked why I wear odd socks and a lot of people have said that they have lots of odd socks but they couldn’t wear them.  I can answer the former: because I’m too … Continue reading

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