In the last month Chatterbox has completed a week long Occupational therapy intensive, followed by Speech therapy and Occupational therapy three times a week.  A total of 19 hours of therapy, on 16 separate days.  A grand total of $3634.50!  Thankfully we didn’t pay for it!  We got funding through the Government’s “helping children with autism” program.  Chatterbox was over 6 when she was diagnosed so we had to apply for special consideration to get the funding.  We were granted that but weren’t granted any more time to use it meaning that we had $6000 dollars to use in the first half of the year (we did 3 hours of therapy a fortnight) and then another $6000 to use in five weeks from the start of this financial year before Chatterbox turns 7.

On top of the actual therapy time there was 1293.6kms worth of driving and at least 23 hours in the car!

And now we are done.  Well not completely done – we are back to one day a week with therapy, but I am so grateful for that.  Now I can use some of the time I was using for therapy on catching up on my uni work!

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