Wine Bottle Vase {The Odd Sock Series}

Grumpy found this bottle of wine at our local bottle shop and had to buy it!

Odd socks wine

He had to buy it – I had to find something to do with it for my Odd Sock Series!  Thus I present…  ‘The odd Sock Wine bottle vase decorated with an odd sock’ – or ‘wine bottle vase’ for short!

What you need:  An empty wine bottle, an odd sock with a pattern you like,
and ribbon (optional).

materials to make an odd sock wine bottle

Step 1:  Pull the sock onto the bottle.  Arrange it how you want it.

odd socks wine bottle 1

Step 2 (optional):  If you would like to you can tie the ribbon around the neck.  I didn’t have the best ribbon – it would look nicer with a different type!

odd socks wine bottle 2

Step 3:  Fill with water.

Step 4:  Put in flower/s.

Step 5:  Enjoy your new vase!

odd socks wine bottle 3

 The wine bottle also looks good with a shorter sock  – or a longer sock cut down as shown above.  If you cut the sock it is easy enough to sew the cut section together to sit under the bottle.

 The review:  I really like how this vase looks and it if very quick and easy to make if you need a vase for a flower or two.  The vase obviously wouldn’t hold a lot of flowers and you need long-stemmed ones for this to work – but my favourite flowers are gerberas so that doesn’t bother me.  I don’t drink wine, but if you do, you have a good excuse to buy a bottle!  All in all I think this is a good use for those lonely Odd Socks.

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One Response to Wine Bottle Vase {The Odd Sock Series}

  1. Leoni Hubbard says:

    Looks good! Wonder what the story is behind the naming of the wine ‘odd socks’?

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