Red Tape

Battling with lots of red tape around here at the moment. 

red tape 2

Almost two weeks ago Chatterbox got prescribed Ritalin to help her ADHD.  Because she is in foster care it’s not enough that the paediatrician thinks she needs it, we have to jump through hoops.  FACS (Family and Community Services) has to approve her taking it.  To do that we need a letter from the paediatrician, a form filled in by our case worker, and a behavioural management plan.  This then needs to go to the manager of our fostering agency to get approved and then on to FACS to get approved by them.  We knew that a behavioural management plan would be needed and I have been pushing to get one done since Chatterbox was diagnosed in December last year.  It hasn’t happened yet and the earliest they can come out is next Tuesday – exactly two weeks after it was prescribed.  Then it will have to be written up.  The person doing it only works Monday to Wednesday so hopefully she gets it done by next Wednesday so our caseworker (who only works Wednesday to Friday) can send it off with her side of the paperwork.  It is very frustrating!!!  The Behaviour Management Plan will then need to be reviewed every three months!

That’s not the only read tape either.

red tape

We are hoping that Chatterbox will be moved to a special education support unit.  The local schools have no vacancies but one is hoping to open up another class next year.  To do so they need enough applications so that the Department of Education realises that there is a need for the class.  Applications only get reviewed at certain times of the term – week 8 this term being one of those times.  I talked to the principal at Chatterbox’s school at the beginning of this term about needing to get the application in as soon as possible.  They agreed to have it ready by week 8 but asked me to remind them to add something specific to the application in week 7.  I did that yesterday and the Principal said that she would make sure it was the right time and would get the application out, make a few changes and send it off.  Today she told me that it would be in by week two of next term!  Completely not what we wanted or what was needed.

What is so frustrating about both situations is that even though we try and get things done, we just have no say and can’t really do anything about it!

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