Sensory Room Update

On the 21st of April I mentioned that we had started building our sensory room (click here for original post).  We have now done a lot more than start!  It feels like it is almost finished and hardly even started at the same time!

We now have all four walls up.  An internal door has been built.  The window and sliding door are in. The hardiplank is on the outside of the walls and insulation is in most of the inside walls and waiting for ply (we chose to use ply on the walls instead of gyprock as it is stronger and will take a beating better).  The electrical cables are in place.  It’s at lock up stage.

Carport 1

Yesterday while the kids were with their “Aunty and Uncle” (from a respite program), Grumpy and my Dad fixed the one part of the eaves that needed replacing and pulled down half the ceiling.  I helped pull down the other half which was a lot of fun.

carport 2

Grumpy and I then had the ‘fun’ job of pulling out all the nails from the rafters and Grumpy scraped off the old glue (he had the worst job).

carport 3

Today Grumpy and I put the one piece of ply we had up.

The new gyprock for the ceiling will be delivered on Wednesday and we have a little bit of insulation to start but need to buy more to finish the ceiling.  After the ceiling is finished we need more insulation for the walls, then we need to put the ply up on the walls.  We also need to finish the outside of the front wall which is different to the other walls.  We need to neaten around the internal door and fix the wall inside the house where the window once was.  Then I think it will be painting.  A lot of painting.  The ceiling, the floor, the walls inside, the walls outside, the door, the wall in the lounge room…

We will then be able to start putting everything in!  I have made a few cushions (and bought a few) that have different textures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA~ Shop bought cushions (and today’s odd socks at the bottom!) ~

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA~ The cushions I made (I’m thinking of attempting some using odd socks for the material but I’m not sure it’s going to work) ~

We got a clock from our local $2 shop which is closing down, as well as a hammock to hang up as a sling swing.

Clock~ Clock for the sensory room ~

We need to build the castle.  We have realised that we won’t be able to have a slide on it as we are short on room but we are still having rock climbing grips to use to climb onto it and a dark area full of cushions and soft things underneath.

I’m looking forward to getting the cupboards for two reasons:
1.  We NEED the storage space!
2.  They will be flat packed – I love putting together flat pack furniture.

Yep, I’m crazy.  I love flat packs and I wear odd socks.  Deal with it!

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