Washing the car with odd socks {The Odd Sock Series}

oss jpgIt’s a sunny day, the car is dirty, you have some free time to wash it – then you realise you don’t have a sponge to use.  What do you do?  Well – you know those odd socks you have?  Did you realise that they make excellent ‘sponges’ to clean the car?  This is one I have been doing for a while – before I started the series.  I tried out two options for ‘making’ the ‘sponge’.  I preferred one method and Grumpy preferred the other so I suggest that you try them both for yourself.

What you need: A car which needs a clean, a bucket, water, soap
and a number of odd socks.


Step 1: Option 1 – take two thick socks and roll them up to make a ball.
Option 2 – stuff a number of balled up socks inside another sock.


Step 2:  Prepare your bucket and water.  Chuck the socks in to get thoroughly wet.


Step 3:  Wash the car


Step 4: Enjoy having a clean car while knowing that you recycled the materials rather than using a new product.  The best part – you can chuck the socks in the wash and use them again and again.

before after

The review:  Option 1 uses less socks but I found that option 2 (when folded over as shown in the photo below) was easier to handle and it cleaned a larger area so was quicker (always a plus in my book).


Grumpy preferred option 1 as he found it easier to hold – possibly because his hands are bigger.  As I said earlier, I suggest trying both and seeing which you prefer.  Either way, the car was nice and clean – just as clean as when using a shop bought sponge.

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1 Response to Washing the car with odd socks {The Odd Sock Series}

  1. Pocket Hose says:

    Good idea. Using old, mismatched socks to wash the car allows you to re-use them the next time. Thanks for posting.

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