Gotcha Day

Before I start I have to apologise for my lack of posts lately.  I have been busy finishing off a 3000 words assignment for uni that was due yesterday – handed it in with 50 minutes to spare!  My semester is now finished – just in time for Gotcha Day!  I have done a post on Parents Space about why we call it Gotcha Day, will post the link when it goes up.

Two years ago today I was counting down the hours until the kids moved in.  It seems like it was only yesterday, and like it has been forever at the same time.  I can’t imagine not having the kids in our lives.  Tonight we will celebrate the day we became a family.  We will be having a nice dinner out and we buy the kids a present.

Grumpy and I are so happy the kids live with us and we tell them that every day.  We have also made sure that they know they are here forever.  However, on Monday we were explaining how many ‘sleeps’ it was until Gotcha Day and Chatterbox piped up with “and then I’ll be moving to another house?”.  I’m fairly sure that Giggles doesn’t remember living anywhere other than here.  Chatterbox, however, has an amazing memory and remembers living with birth family, and most likely the moves between the four foster homes they have been in (including ours).  I wonder how many years it will be before she feels completely secure in the knowledge that she is stuck with us.  For now we will continue showering her with our love and telling her constantly that she is not moving.  And today we will celebrate our Gotcha Day!

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