Odd Sock Mittens {The Odd Sock Series}

oss jpgHands cold?  Have your gloves but want your fingers free to type?  Can’t find your gloves or mittens?  Never fear!  Odd Socks Mummy is here with my Odd Sock Series.

Today I bring you Odd Sock Mittens – and I promise you they are so quick and easy you can make a pair and your hands will be warming up in minutes!

What you need:  Socks (odd or not) that fit on your hands; scissors.
That’s it!  See I told you that they are easy!


Step 1:  Cut the foot off the sock just above the heel.

Step 2:  Put the sock on your hand and work out where you want the thumb hole to go – remember the spot!  I was able to easily do this as my socks were stripy.  If your socks are harder to see then use something to mark them.

Step 3:  Cut a small slit for your thumb to go through.  Remember that you can always make the hole bigger but not smaller so start with a little cut!  It is deceptive how small a cut you can make and it will fit!


Step 4:  Try them on and adjust the thumb hole if needed.

Step 5:  Enjoy your new mittens and having toasty warm hands!

 These mittens are so comfy and warm that I’ve barely taken them off!  My favourites are my “Cat in the Hat” ones – red and white stripes.   They are made out of soft and fully material and thus they are really, really, really comfy.

This isn’t to say that the others aren’t comfy but just that the red and white ones are extra comfy.

If you make some, please let me know how you go.

I know you won’t be disappointed.

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3 Responses to Odd Sock Mittens {The Odd Sock Series}

  1. paula says:

    so cute! i love them!!!

  2. Tina says:

    This is a great idea! I have oodles of odd sock lying around. Can’t wait to see the rest of your series!

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