On the road again

In our house, I am the only driver.  As part of Grumpy’s medical condition, his eyes aren’t great and he had to hand back his licence.  On the whole, I don’t mind driving, which is lucky since I do a lot of it!

The kids have just started back at school after two weeks of holidays which means they have also started back at all their other activities (including therapies).  The closest occupational therapist and speech therapist that we can see is almost 40kms away.  Chatterbox’s dance class is 50kms away.  Giggles BMX is closer at 10kms and Soccer is only 7kms.  There is also perpetual road works on the main road which means 40km/hr zones a lot of the way.  It takes at least an hour to get to dance and 45mins – 1hour to get to therapy.

I just sat down and worked out how many kilometres that I am driving each week just for kid stuff and the grand total is 561km.  This number doesn’t account for social trips, visiting family, or even just doing the shopping!  It also doesn’t include having to make visits to the doctor like we had to today (Chatterbox has a sty in her eye which has almost swollen her eye shut – also necessitating a trip to the chemists!).    No wonder I seem to be racking up the ks on my car!  Some days I feel like I live in my car and now I know why.

As I drive I often dream of living right next door to school, or therapy, or dance…  oh how my dreams have changed!

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One Response to On the road again

  1. sue diskin says:

    I had a sty in the corner or my eye recently and it was extremely painful. I found bathing my eye with salty water worked best. After 10 days it burst and it took another few days to recover. Good luck with Chatterbox’s eye.

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