“Why don’t I?”

Chatterbox has a LOT of trouble going to sleep at night.  Lately we have given up on making her stay in bed and let her play in her room until she is ready for sleep.  Generally she has been getting into bed and going to sleep around 9pm.  Tonight she was being very silly in her room – jumping on her bed, hanging things on a hook on her bed, yelling – which is why the post I was planning to write on birth parents is still getting written (I should be able to post it tomorrow).

Chatterbox woke up around 10.30pm.  There is only two more ‘sleeps’ until she sees her birth family at contact so she will be sleeping even worse in anticipation.  She got up to go to the toilet.  When she was back in bed Grumpy went up to tuck her in.

Chatterbox:  I want to talk to you.  Can I tell you something?

Grumpy:  Sure.  You can tell me and Mummy anything.

Chatterbox:  I think C (a school friend) goes to bed at night.

Grumpy:  Yeah I’m sure he does.  All your friends go to sleep at night.

Chatterbox:  Why don’t I?

Good question Chatterbox… good question indeed.

I recently shared on the Giggles and Chatterbox-ing facebook page a picture that might explain it to those of us who don’t have ADHD.  Go have a look – and while you are there maybe you could like my page 🙂

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One Response to “Why don’t I?”

  1. Jessie says:

    Our kiddos aren’t big sleepers either. Last night I heard them playing around upstairs and laughing and giggling until at least 9:30.

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