Today is probably a bad and a good day for me to start blogging.  Bad because I have a 2300 word assignment for uni that I should be writing instead but good as today has been a very, very busy day which isn’t actually that unusual for me, so I have a lot to talk about!!  Just warning you – this is going to be a long post!

So who am I?  Well considering the first people who will be reading this will be my family and friends you already know but I’ll tell you anyway!  I am a 31 year old foster mum, carer, wife, uni student, chauffeur, daughter, sister, aunty and more!  I also like to use exclamation marks as I’m sure you will all discover if you keep reading my posts.  On this blog I am going to use pseudonyms due to confidentiality issues involved in foster care.

Therefore our family consists of:

Mr Giggles – my four (almost five) year old foster son.  Giggles has speech delays due to not being able to hear until he came into care.  Two years ago all he could say was ‘Mum’.  Today he talks non-stop but not many people can understand what he says.  Even though he has this delay and most kids get frustrated with language problems.  Giggles is exactly that… Giggly!

Little Miss Chatterbox – my six (going on sixteen) year old foster daughter.  Chatterbox has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Motor Dyspraxia, Auditory Processing Disorder, borderline low IQ and global speech delays.  Chatterbox is more affected by the trauma background the kids have both come from.  She can have quite challenging behaviours, likes kisses, hardly sleeps, is empathetic when people are hurt or upset,  is very controlling, is very sociable, and loves to demand ‘cuddle families’ (family cuddles).

Mr Grumpy – my hubby.  Grumpy has a very rare endocrine condition called Autoimmune Polyendocrinopathy Candidiasis Ectodermal Dystrophy.  Maybe I’ll tell you more about it some time.  I call him Mr Grumpy as a joke as he is anything but Grumpy (most of the time!).

ME!!  Odd Socks Mummy.  My name was suggested by Julia from Saving Mummy.  This is because I always wear odd socks.  Mostly I wear odd socks because I’m lazy and couldn’t be bothered matching them – it’s really not any deeper than that.

Anyways back to why my day was so very busy.  It started with a bang when Chatterbox woke up and came out of her room setting off her door alarm.  There is nothing that gets the heart pumping more than a screaming siren going off a few metres from you when you are sound asleep.  Got kids ready for school, drove Chatterbox to school, dropped Giggles at preschool, took Grumpy to the doctors for an injection he gets every three months, drove Grumpy to help my Dad with a job, while there I sat in the car and tried to get the ENT and Audiologist to talk to each other and agree what needs to be done for Giggles hearing (grommets again or waiting and doing exercises), tried to organise the approval for his grommet operation only to be told that it has to be faxed to the doctors by someone official in the fostering agency, rang the agency to organise that, did some uni assignment and then came home when Grumpy was finished.  It was a lovely day so we decided to go for a procrastination, I mean a bike ride.  On the way home I got a call saying that Giggles wasn’t feeling so well so when we got home I got back in the car and picked him up.  Came home for 30 mins then went and picked up Chatterbox from school.  Then we drove to speech and occupational therapy for Chatterbox and speech therapy for Giggles, then got dinner on the way home, went to school for my parent teacher interview, took Grumpy to a meeting, came home got the kids into bed and then worked on my assignment (until my uni library stopped letting me access any journal articles so I took that as a sign to stop working on the assignment and write this instead).

So I’ve probably spent enough time on this for tonight.  I’m off to see if the library wants me to pass this assignment or not!

(Just one last thing:  I wrote this post in word first then copy and pasted over here – only to discover that WordPress’s dictionary doesn’t recognise the words ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’!?)

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4 Responses to Hello

  1. Lou says:

    YAY i’m the first to leave a comment!
    I’m gonna tell a story of the cuteness that is Giggle’s speech but that I have trouble understanding!
    Giggles: “Chatterbox touched my doo-dah!”
    Me: “Ummmm… your doo-dah? [awkward pause] Yeah I’m not trained to deal with that- tell your mum”.
    Odd-socks (from inside the house shouts): “He means his SCOOTER!”

  2. Glad to discover another foster care blog! I like the character names you have chosen to use as you write. 🙂

    Your blog has been added to the fostercaredad.com #FosterParent blogroll. Thanks for adding it to the submission list.

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